Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad
Loaded Baked Potato Salad
Since first publishing this recipe a little over a year ago, it has received over a half a million views, hundreds of comments, and people have written to me from all over the world telling me that it is now their favorite dish. And the best part is it is super simple to make!
I originally came up with this recipe when looking for a new side dish for BBQs. I am not a big fan of mayo and wanted something a little less “wet” and non-traditional. It has been a wild success and I’m not allowed to host any BBQ now without making this and doubling the recipe!

Fully Loaded Baked Potato Salad

One 5 pound bag medium Russet Potatoes

1 cup sour cream

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1 package of bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 small onion, chopped

Chives, to taste

1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

1. Wash the potatoes and poke holes in them with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour or until fork tender.

2. Cool and cut the potatoes into bite sized chunks.  I put them in a separate bowl and once they cooled enough I put them in the fridge to cool all the way. This gives them an excellent texture and prevents the dairy ingredients from getting hot or the cheese from melting. If you are serving this salad hot then you don’t need to cool the potatoes, just skip that step!

3. Mix the mayo and sour cream together in a bowl. Add to the potatoes, then add the onions, chives, bacon, and cheese. Salt and pepper to taste – I use a pepper grinder and a sea salt grinder for EVERYTHING so I never know exactly how much of either I put in. I think the taste is far superior to just using regular table salt and pepper.

4. Top with extra shredded cheese, bacon, and chives, and serve!

This is a simple and inexpensive side dish for any meal but especially great to take to a barbecue. My favorite part is that this is one of the regular ole recipes that anyone would make without realizing that it happens to be gluten free naturally. Those are my favorite! No special ingredients or expensive grocery stores, just regular food that I can eat along with everybody else. And it’s delish! :)

bacon cheese potato salad
Fully Loaded Baked Potato Salad
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  1. I love this recipie but am allergic to eggs so can not have mayo. would you increse sour cream or what other substitute would u recommend?
    thanks for the feedback, cant wait to try this for a party next week.

    1. I don’t do eggs either! I substitute more sour cream and no mayo for myself. It’s not quite the same but if you can’t have mayo you are probably used to that already.

      1. Instead of mayo or sour cream I soften cream cheese to mix into the salad. Cream cheese will give it a nice creamy tangy flavor. I’ve been making a similar potatoes salad for years, and usually use cream cheese in it. I also use cream cheese in mashed potatoes instead of using milk or cream. My family loves the rich creamy texture and taste of the potatoes.

      2. There is a product called just mayo that is made from plant protein and gas no eggs but tastes just like real mayo. The sell it at Walmart you should check it out.

    2. My husband just recently developed a problem with boiled eggs. He re-eats them for hours after. So I have been looking for a new recipe to replace my old tried and true that I have used for 50 years. He can have the mayo, so won’t miss the tang that it gives but if I were you, I would add a little vinegar to give it that zip. I would use rice vinegar or if you don’t have that use cider vinegar. I always sprinkle it on the potatoes while they are warm for 2 reasons. One it soaks in and flavors the potatoes and two because it is moisture soaking into the potatoes, they don’t soak up all of the dressing and leave you with a dry salad. I think that this is my new go to. I am going to try it today.

    3. Try replacing the mayo with plain or greek yogurt. Greek especially will give it the tang of mayo. You might need to experiment with the amount of yogurt to use by mixing with s. cream then taste.

    4. Make your own egg free mayo.

      1/3 cup very cold milk
      3/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
      1 small garlic clove, peeled
      1/8 teaspoon freshly ground white pepper
      About 3/4 cup vegetable oil, or 1/2 cup vegetable oil plus 1/4 cup olive oil
      Salt to taste

      You can mix it in a 2 cup measuring cup with a stick mixer.

      Hope this helps

    5. There is a yogurt you can use in place of mayo.its really good too. Try looking for it on three wegmans low calorie potato salad recipe. I had it at a BBQ .

    6. I would maybe do cream cheese!? I’m going to try that because hubby hates mayo! 😉 hope it works and helps!

    7. When I cook for my sister, who is severely allergic to mayonnaise, I use unsweetened (sometimes called “plain”) Greek yogurt as a substitute. Not only does it allow my sister to eat what I cook the substitution is a healthier option so I don’t feel guilty eating so much of this wonderful dish.

    8. There is a map that is made from plant protein and doesn’t have eggs in it called just mayo, tastes like mayo but doesn’t have the egg. It is sold at Walmart.

    9. My grandmother couldn’t eat mayo either. The problem with sour cream is just that; it’s too tart. The mellow flavor of the mayo evens it out. I used a substitute of 4oz softened cream cheese thinned out with some milk and a tablespoon of granulated sugar and a pinch of salt to cut the extra tartness. It came our just fine, and REALLY extra creamy, which I like in potato salad!

    10. I make a different version of this and use softened butter instead of the mayo. It’s good for people with allergies or who don’t like mayo.

    11. There’s a product called Veganaise that is egg free and the closest thing to real mayo I have found. I use it in chicken salad and I bet it would work here.It should be available in the natural foods aisle of your grocery store, definitely at a natural foods store.

  2. As someone who isn’t a fan of mayo, I was hesitant to making this but it sounded so yummy! And I needed a dish to pass for the Father’s Day cookout. Whilst making the dish I thought that maybe sauteed onions may be tasty in the dish, just to take some of the bitter onion taste out. So I sauteed some and left a portion raw. After I cooled down the potatoes and started mixing all together, I pulled a sampling out and tasted with the two different onions. Long story short, the sauteed and raw onions ended up in the dish! YUM! It was a hit at the cookout. Had the the small amount that was leftover for dinner tonight! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I personally prefer sautéed onions so that sounds fantastic! My husband and mom like them raw and crunchy so I get stuck with them that way every time. Maybe ill try sneaking them your way next time and see if it gets noticed… 😉

  3. I’d use a mayo sub like Miracle Whip or ranch dressing, and personally I would use green onions or chives for that authentic baked potato flavor!

    1. Those are great suggestions thank you for the comment. My original recipe used chives and I did not include them this time. They are definitely on the list for today’s batch! (Husband’s birthday request).

    2. You could also try using purple onions since they are sweet and not so onion strong tasting as the sweet white onions that are out there that most people use in their potato salad. Plus if you saute’ them with a little crushed pepper in a very small amount of olive oil and pat them dry with a paper towel after cooking them to drain any excess olive oil they are so good that way even just by themselves. The other thing you can do instead of sauteing them is roast them. Cut one large purple onion up into the sizes you want them to be put them in a bowl and drizzle about one teaspoon on top of them and mix well in the bowl just to barely coat the onions. Then put any seasoning you want to put on them. I personally use GOJO all purpose seasoning in a green capped bottle. Sprinkle seasoning til onions have a light coating. Put the onions on a cookie sheet and place in preheated oven on broil setting with the rack one level above half way in the oven. Cook onions until lightly golden brown on one side and then take the cookie sheet out and use a spatula to turn them over to the other side. Put cookie sheet in again until onions again are golden brown. This way you get the taste of saute but the onions are still just a bit crunchy like uncooked onions. This method of roasting veggies is really great. Greenbeans taste almost like french fries. Brussel sprouts are sweet tasting instead of mushy and sour. Lots of other veggies can be done this way just try it and im sure you’ll love it!

  4. I chop up celery, radish and olives really fine and add them!! But don’t use very much. It’s really good

    1. Absolutely! I made it the day before Mother’s Day for that BBQ and I am making up a batch today for tomorrow’s camping trip. If you have time to cool the potatoes in the fridge before mixing everything together it makes for the perfect texture.

      1. i made this and the flavor was great but no sure I cooked the potatoes long enough. I cooked the for an hour and 15 min but they still seem tough. Do you think I could bake it to soften the potatoes? Worried about the dressing

      1. I’m not fond of a lot of sour cream. Will it taste as good with a lot less of SC? But I will still use It

        THANK YOU.

        1. I’m honestly not much of a fan of sour cream OR mayo. That’s the beauty of this recipe, it calls for very little of either. I actually developed this recipe for the reason that I loved the idea of potato salad but couldn’t stand it to be overly wet. You can definitely experiment for yourself with different ratios of the wet ingredients.

  5. Ok, 2 more questions…how many pounds of potatoes? And how many will it feed (1/2 cup servings)?

    Thanks so much, cooking my bacon now! Can’t wait!

    1. I’m sorry for the late response- we were up in the mountains camping! I made the salad for our trip and I used one 5 pound bag of potatoes. It served 7 people for 3 different meals with some leftover! You could definitely use less potatoes for a smaller batch.

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  7. I made this Saturday for a barbecue. I sautéed the onions and added a packet of ranch dressing dry mix. I mixed in the bacon drippings (sounds gross but the result was a hit). Anyway, thank you for sharing the recipe. Welcome back from your trip!

  8. I made this recipe and was actually disappointed when I tried it cold. It tasted weird to me, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. However, I heated it up to try it warm and it was delicious! I guess I just didn’t like it as a cold salad.

    1. I was just saying that to my hubby! If we used cream cheese instead of mayo it sounds really good warm! 😉

  9. I always cook my potatoes whole with the skin on. The skin peels off easily while they are still warm. The potatoes will be more like baked potatoes and hold their shape a lot better.

    1. That’s a great tip! I leave the skins on and don’t ever peel them. I prefer the taste, texture, and health benefits of leaving the skin on. Some people don’t like it that way but I do :) I just assume if anybody doesn’t want the skins on they’ll take it upon themselves to peel them when they make their own salad.

  10. Adding a tablespoon or two of the bacon drippings when mixing the mayo and sour cream adds an amazing flavor to the sauce too :) if you like a little less tang from sour cream use mexican creama it’s fantastic too in there

    1. I’ll be making this for 4th of July as well. I can’t wait to see what the family thinks. Looks delicious.

  11. I make this exact recipe but use ranch instead of mayo and add green onions. It is seriously delicious!

  12. Hey so I just had a quick question. I’m making this tomorrow for a family cookout. I’m making almost 10lbs worth of salad do I just double your original recipe?? This looks amazing btw and I can’t wait to try it!! :)

    1. How many people are you serving? The last time I made this I used an entire 5 lb bag of potatoes and increased the mayo and sour cream until I liked the consistency (my mom requested a slightly wetter version; I prefer drier). The 5 lb bag served 7 people for three meals and we still had some leftover! That was with heavy dinners too however.

  13. Our local grocery has a Loaded Potato salad that I love. I have been searching for a recipie to make my own (much cheaper!) for several years. Thank you for ending my search!! This salad turned out amazing, and I can’t wait to share it today with the family!

  14. Its like a big family party where everyone brings a dish to pash so I’m gonna say like 40-50 people?? I’m not quite sure I just wanted to make sure I have enough. I’d rather make a lot then run out. :)

  15. The general rule for catering is 1/4 lb. of potato salad per person. Some will eat more and some less so it will equal out. My recipe will make enough for about 20 people so I would at least double the recipe for your sized group Ashley. Use a 10 lb. bag of potatoes and 2 packages of bacon and increase the wet ingredients accordingly. I would be generous with the bacon and cheese as those are everybody’s favorite parts!

  16. Maybe this is a little bit much but, what if you don’t have sour cream and can’t go to the store to buy some, can I just use mayo all the way?

    1. You could certainly use mayo for the whole recipe- you will end up with more of a traditional potato salad taste rather than a baked potato taste. I am not a big mayo eater, as I have trouble with eggs, that is what inspired me to make a recipe with less of it. But you could certainly adapt the recipe any number of ways and see how you like it.

  17. for those that are allergic to mayo…try veganaise. it is a vegan substitute for mayo, so no eggs. i myself do not use it, but, heard it is wonderful.

  18. This recipe is awesome! I made it with lots of chopped green onions in place of a regular onion. I also cut back on the mayo & replaced it with ranch dressing. I will be making this forever! Everyone loved it !

  19. I noticed during Easter that our local Walmart carried a “Loaded Baked Potato Salad” so I decided to try it out. We bought 2lbs for our annual get together & have been hooked ever since. I have tried it from other grocers & even Walmart’s in other states and it’s never been as good as that first batch we got Easter weekend. I’m so making this for our beach cookout next weekend. <3 Thanks for sharing your recipe, as I found it on pintrest!

    1. I haven’t tried the ranch packet idea, all of my food has to be gluten-free so I stay away from most of the packaged mixes and seasonings. Maybe start with half packet and taste it and you could always add more as you go?

      1. Made this for my last camping trip ans it was a hit! Even my picky 3yr old & 5yrold loved it. I have to admit I ate most of it myself. …cooking about another batch as I’m typing for another weekend camping trip :)

  20. I just made this for a large gathering…..raves and raves and more raves. Thank you for the idea and the recipe. I used 5 pounds of gold potatoes. I parboiled the whole potato and then rolled them in Olive oil and sprinkled with salt and finished cooking them in the oven, 350 degrees until fork tender.. Let them cool before cutting them into bite sized pieces…go from there. YUM YUM

  21. Hiya! Greetings from Scotland. This sounds good – going to give it a try. Possibly a daft question but why is called baked potato salad when the potatoes get boiled not baked in the oven?

  22. This looks so yummy!!! I’m making it tmrw! I do have One quick question. You did not specify what kind of onion to use. I assumed maybe a yellow one but in the picture, it looks like a red onion. What kind did you use? Thx so much!:)

  23. I am so excited about trying this recipe! I’ve always hated traditional potato salad and this looks like a perfect alternative. I’m bringing almost 20 lbs worth to a party this weekend! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment! This salad has been a huge hit for me. Not a fan of the very “wet” mayonnaisey salads, that’s where the inspiration for this came from. Let me know how you like it!

      1. Just finished making 17lbs of this stuff….it is a HUGE hit! Finally a potato salad I like! I ended up sautéing the onions lightly in the bacon grease. Amazing.

  24. I just made this today, and wow was it delicious! My hubby normally loathes anything with sour cream, but even he gobbled it down! The leftovers are going to be great taking to work for lunch this week, it will be a great change from the normal stuff. I’ll definitely be making this again and again!

      1. Hey just found ur recipe going to make this for our office party friday. Seen so many comments. What is the best way to make this. Ranch dressing and no mayo. And use the same amount of ranch as mayo I thinking peeling potatoes can I boil these instead of baking?? And how long did u bake them?

        1. I prefer it just as in the recipe :) I bake the potatoes for an hour but that will always depend on the size of your potatoes. Start at 350 for an hour and bake until fork tender.

  25. I am not one to cook anything, ever. But I ran across this dish on Pinterest and with Thanksgiving looming near, I knew I would have to contribute something or my boyfriend’s family would think I was an undomesticated train wreck (and they could possibly be right). I decided to try it, as it seemed like something I could make pretty easily and it had the added advantage of being unique (in other words, not your typical potato salad). Turned out fabulous! Got rave reviews from all his family and several requests for the recipe! Will definitely be my go to recipe from here on out! Thanks for sharing!

  26. I skip the mayo and add ranch in instead…or just a half pack of ranch seasoning mix with the mayo. It adds a little zest but doesn’t take over flavor as long as you stick with the half cup amount.

  27. You could substitute yogurt, Greek or regular, if you have no issue with it, for the mayo, or sour cream.I use a mix of about a third mayo, and 2/3 yogurt. No difference in taste and cuts the calories. This is an awesome recipe.

  28. I am going to roast my potatoes already cut up and tossed in olive oil and seasonings. Hoping it will come out with an awesome texture.

  29. Would it taste alright to substitute the sour cream and mayo with ranch and cream cheese? I’m not much of a fan of sour cream or mayo.

    1. I’m not a fan of sour cream or mayo either and this recipe works great because there is very little of either. I wouldn’t put cream cheese in as I feel that would be too sweet. My best suggestion is to make as the recipe goes and if you think it’s too wet add more potatoes. Of course if you do it differently be sure to let us know how it turns out!

  30. Am making this for a large family reunion in a couple weeks. It sounds delicious! I like skins on my potatoes also, but am worrying that they’ll discolor the potatoes as they cool in the refrigerator. Is that a problem? Many thanks for making this recipe available on Facebook. Joy

  31. Making tonight foe tomorrow party and my mom thought maybe we should leave off the bacon and cheese toppings and add thise closer to party time since the bacon could get the taste of that jar stuff. Thoughts?

      1. Sorry…bacon bits. I like our bacon crispy so think I will hold off and add it towards serving. Just don’t want it to get chewy. Thanks for this thiugh! Can’t wait to try it!

  32. I find using extra thick cut bacon is much better than using the thin bacon for the pieces you mix inside the potato salad with the dressing. The bacon on top I like that bacon to be extra crispy but the real thick cut bacon softens slightly after being put into the potato salad and refrigerated over night. So using the extra thick cut bacon gives a great flavor and texture but lets the thinner bacon on top give the potato salad that crunch.

  33. was searching on pinterest for a side dish to bring to a 4th of July gathering. I came across a german potato salad first that I was going to try and then saw this recipe! It reminds me of the inside of twice baked potatoes. I cooked the potatoes last night and they’ve been in the fridge. Cant wait to make and eat this tomorrow! BTW I think Ill do half the potato with the skin or and half with it off!

  34. I’m a very picky eater & dislike mayo & pretty much all potato salad. I made this for a party & decided since I’d put so much work into it is taste it. So. Flipping. Good! The only substitution I made was using onion powder instead of real onion because I knew the kids wouldn’t touch it of they could see them. I’m making this again for the 4th and I cannot wait to eat it. I may be sneaking bites before everyone else gets here.

  35. Made this today for our annual 4th of July family BBQ. I baked the potatoes as instructed for one hour. However, they were not as done as I liked and were dry….so I chunked them in salted boiling water until they were tender. Poured off hot water and covered with ice water to cool them and kept them in the water until I had everything ready to put the salad together. Did not use regular onion-only green onions and no chives. Went by the recipe on everything else. I was worried it was going to be a flop…..OMG!!!!!!!!! This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! You won’t regret making it as it will be the hit of the side dishes. I am saving this one in our special recipe collection!!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe- it is wonderful!!!

  36. Going to try this today but since it’s just the two of us will try to cut the recipe in half. Wish me luck!

      1. Well what the heck! I’ll do just that. Have all of the ingredients so might as well! Thanks for your response! :-)

  37. Is this best served as a cold side? I was wanting potatoe salad just “souped” up… Is it good cold or is it not meant to be a cold side dish

  38. I always want my first of potato salad still warm. After that, it’s okay cold. Many years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever tried potato salad with apple in it. I hadn’t so the next time I made potato salad, I tried it with apple. It was delicious. Then, another time, when I was making potato salad, I had some grapes that needed to be used up so I added them to my potato salad as well as the apple – after that, my husband would never allow me to make potato salad without adding apples and grapes. Being a Maritimer, we usually mash the potatoes first before adding the rest of the ingredients. I don’t care for chunky potato salad; I always make it mashed so I’m going to try this baked potato salad because it’s gotta be yummy with all that bacon and cheese. :)

    1. Just one if my boyfriend is invited 😉 Generally the rule is 1/2 lb of side per person so a 5 lb bag of potatoes would serve about 10 people. That depends entirely on serving size and what else you are serving though.

    1. It depends on your crowd but most caterers say to plan 1/4-1/2 lb of sides per person. If you use a 5lb bag of potatoes you could expect to feed about 8-10 people in my experience but that depends a lot on what else you are serving and the crowd.

  39. I’m making this tomorrow :) I’m not sure my kids will eat it so it’ll probably just be my husband and me. If I halve the recipe about how much will that make?

      1. I want to make this for my daughters wedding. need to make enough for about 3/4 a cup for 200 people. How much does this make?
        Thank you,

      1. I sent you a message a while back. When I baked the potatoes they were not as tender as they should have been so my question was can you complete it by baking it in the oven and have a loaded baked potato casserole. After doing a lot of research all the ingredients can be cooked. Some people put mayo in their cakes and of course sour cream is used in many recipies so I baked it and I feed a lot of people and not one person did not enjoy it. Now they are asking for more. Great recipie!!!!!

  40. I am surprised by the number of people who have commented that they don’t understand why it’s called “baked potato salad” or that they didn’t understand where “baked” came in. Clearly the first step says to bake the potatoes at 350 degrees……

  41. My kids love potato salad but not a big fan of raw onion but I wonder how this would be with sour cream and onion instead of just plain sour cream …I guess I will just have to try it and find out

  42. My son won’t eat onions so I put 1 teaspoon of onion powder in the sour cream and miracle whip mixture! Yes..I used miracle whip!

  43. This looks awesome I’m going to try it! I’m also looking for a recipe for German potato salad, any good receives out there?

  44. This recipe sounds delicious! This may be a silly question, but do you bake the potatoes covered in foil just like a regular baked potato?

    1. As much as I LOVE eggs I personally think it would take away from the baked potatoness of this recipe. The idea when I created this was to have a very non-traditional potato salad… BUT there are no rules! If you try it with eggs please let us know how it turns out :)

  45. For those who can’t do real mayo try a product called just mayo, it is sold at Walmart and is made from plant protein and doesn’t contain eggs.

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  47. My potatoes turned out hard even after baking over the hour and really would have been better hot anyone ever heated this up?

    1. My mom serves this warm and heats mine when I make it for her. That’s definitely an option but then it’s less of a summertime BBQ side dish which is what I use it for almost 100% of the time. I haven’t had it warm but my mom loves it that way. As far as your potatoes, a lot of factors go into properly baking a potato- size of potato, your oven’s particular temperature (mine for example cooks about 50 degrees under what it says so I have to adjust). However you regularly make baked potatoes is exactly how you would bake them for this recipe.

  48. Will RED potatoes be ok? It’s what I have in my pantry that I’m needing to use up! Thanks. This looks amazing. Finally a potato salad me and hubby can agree on!

  49. Does some of the crumbled bacon get added into the potatoe salad itself?? The recipe just calls for putting it on top.

  50. In regards to the loaded baked potato salad, I can’t tell from the photo, but do you leave on the skin? Thanks!

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